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Family Lawyer Cara Nuttall discusses Domestic Violence figures

The DPP has just released up-to-date figures in regard to the reporting and conviction of Domestic Violence.

According to the survey, there were 92,000 prosecutions and 52,000 convictions, but 1.2 million people suffered Domestic Violence and only 1 in 4 reported it.

Whilst the figures mark an increase in prosecutions from previous years, they are still considered woefully inadequate by many groups who work with the victims of Domestic Abuse, many of whom believe that failings in the systems and procedures for dealing with Domestic Violence allegations deter many from reporting.

The issue of Domestic Violence has of course also been at the fore recently following the high-profile storyline in Coronation Street, which features Tyrone being abused by his pregnant girlfriend. It remains to be seen which side of the statistics Tyrone falls, and whether he reports the abuse or suffers in silence, especially once the child is born. I, for one, hope that the story eventually unfolds to demonstrate that there are many ways in which a victim of abuse can get help, support and protective measures and helps people in similar circumstances to feel confident in seeking help when they need it.


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