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Medical Negligence Specialist Iona Millais on A&E waiting times

The Kings Fund, an independent heath watchdog, recently released figures that 226,000 people waited more than four hours in Accident and Emergency in the last 90 days analysed. This is an 8-year high and an 18% rise on last year.
The sharp rise reflects the difficulties many hospitals are facing in keeping up performance while under extraordinary financial pressure. Waiting times are an issue my colleagues and I regularly encounter as Clinical Negligence Lawyers - whether in an emergency department setting or waiting for scans or appointments.
The cuts are only going to get worse and the NHS need to focus on ways of identifying patients who need priority care. There needs to be a holistic approach to which both the public and the NHS need to subscribe. GP out of hour’s availability needs to be improved and patients in A&E need better access to Consultants and diagnostic testing to ensure serious conditions are diagnosed and treated promptly. Consultant availability for recovered patients will also expedite discharge. However, the general public need to use A&E responsibly too.
We can't have it all and there are difficult decisions to be made as to where to direct the NHS budget. The overriding consideration must be patient safety. Our Clinical Negligence Lawyers are experts in Clinical & Medical Negligence Claims. Please call 0800 916 9049, email or use the short online enquiry form. Our dedicated Medical Negligence Solicitors will be able to offer you a free initial consultation.