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Family Law specialist Cara Nuttall comments on Myleene Klass' relationship breakdown

Many newspapers and magazines have recently commented on the breakdown of the marriage of Myleene Klass and her husband, who have 2 young children together. According to several reports, it was on Myleene's birthday that her husband informed her that the marriage was over, though this is something he denies. Whether or not the reports are true, the alleged timing has formed the focus of many of the media reports.The breakdown of a relationship is always a difficult emotional time, and depending on the circumstances can lead to feelings of extreme anger and betrayal, and a desire to cause hurt to the other party. Whilst an aggressive knee jerk reaction is understandable, it is rarely in anyone's interests and an acrimonious split only serves to increase problems further down the line. We always encourage clients to focus on long term aims and interests, as damaged caused in the early stages can take months or even years to repair - something which is especially problematic if the couple have children and have to continue to co-parent for many years to come.There are many ways in which the temperature can be lowered following a split, from the timing of important steps being taken (it is rarely sensitive to serve your spouse with divorce papers on your wedding anniversary, for example) through to the contents of court papers, letters and direct communications between the parties. People often assume, wrongly, that involving solicitors serves to increase tensions, but this need not be the case, and a good family lawyer will help a client look at matters more objectively and explain the respective pros and cons of any particular course of action. This in turn can help avoid unnecessary delay, costs and arguments down the line, which can only be to the benefit of everyone involved. Solicitors can also signpost other ways of resolving disputes, such as mediation and collaborative law.  By Family Law specialist, Cara Nuttall