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Seven figure Medical Negligence Compensation helps client to rehabilitate

The most simple of errors can have the most devastating of consequences - as this case shows.
I have just concluded a claim for a lady who sought treatment regarding a Kidney Stone in 2007/2008. At the time of treatment she was a cook. She was initially diagnosed in March 2007 with an 8mm Kidney Stone. My client was given a stent to ease her discomfort in April 2007. The stent was changed in June and October 2007 with no major incident. She was advised the stent and Kidney Stone would be removed under general anaesthetic on 6th February 2008; she was seen 5th February 2008 for pre operation checks and gave a urine sample.
Microbiology records confirmed that this sample grew a Coliform (the E Coli bacteria). The urine sample was taken at 13.30 on 5th February 2008 and delivered to microbiology at 12.00 noon on 6th February 2008. The procedure was at 15.00. My client was not given any Antibiotics at all - either prior to or during the procedure. The operation note for 6th February 2008 states that the urine was "cloudy and infected looking ".
Nothing was said as to any potential problems immediately post procedure.
My client developed Septicaemia immediately that night due to Urosepsis (the E-Coli entering her blood stream due to lack of Antibiotics). By 21.30 she was recognised to be likely to be suffering with Sepsis and was given IV Antibiotics. She had Haemorrhagic Strokes on 16th and 18th February 2008. My client spent one month in ITU and a total of eighteen weeks in hospital.
After an initial denial of liability, breach of duty and causation were admitted in that the Defendant agreed that the procedure on 6th February 2008 should have been delayed so as to treat the Coliform Bacteria or alternatively should have gone ahead with Antibiotic cover. It was accepted that the negligent treatment caused; Left Sided Hemiplegia, Chronic Insomnia and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, loss of her left big toe, a knee injury whilst being moved in hospital and facial scarring due to the positioning of the various tubes to support her whilst she was a patient in the ITU.
The claim for damages encompassed a claim for loss or earnings, the cost of support workers, accommodation and adaptions to my client’s home and motor car. At RJW we believe that your Rehabilitation following a case involving Clinical Negligence is extremely important. Our expert Solicitors will make sure that our clients receive the compensation that they deserve allowing them to carry on with their lives and fulfil their Rehabilitation needs such as my client did in this case. All of our Solicitors follow the Rehabilitation Code, which ensures that our clients get the injury compensation they require to get their life back on track as quickly as possible.
This case settled for a seven figure sum by way of negotiation just prior to trial in March 2012.