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Medical Negligence specialist Iona Millais on the consequences of delays in diagnosing Cancer

I am instructed by a gentleman who was presented at his A&E department with an Abscess adjacent to a Verruca on his foot. He spent two years being passed between Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons and Orthopaedic Surgeons before anyone considered that the problem may have been Cancer.
He was suffering from Verrucous Carcinoma. This is a low-grade, locally invasive tumour, which almost never metastasises. The long-term prognosis for definitively-treated Verrucous Carcinoma is good, with cure rates of up to 99%.  But it is extremely important that Doctors (particularly Dermatologists) are vigilant to the signs.
This particular gentleman's lesion was exhibiting classic signs which should not have been missed. Unfortunately there was a 2 year delay in diagnosis and his Cancer progressed from one which could have been treated with local excision (where they cut out the defect and cover the area with a skin graft) to one which required a radical Amputation.
This case shows the devastating consequences of a delay in diagnosing Cancer. Contact us today to talk about your delayed or misdiagnosed Cancer Claim. Please call 0800 916 9049, email or use the short online enquiry form.


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