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Government funding changes - Medical Negligence expert Paul Sankey backs McCanns

Kate and Gerry McCann, the parents of Maddie (who went missing in Portugal) have joined a chorus of voices calling on the government to abandon its plan to alter ‘no win no fee’ agreements. They voice their concerns among a number of victims of tabloid newspapers who fear that under the proposed changes they would not have been entitled to justice.
Another group affected by the government’s plan are people injured and victims of Medical Negligence. Not only will many of them find it harder to find solicitors to take on their cases under the proposed system but those who succeed will no longer be compensated in full. Their awards will be cut to pay for their legal costs. The government is abandoning a basic principle of justice - that people negligently causing harm should compensate their victims in full.
The Minister for Justice, Ken Clarke, presents this as an attack on the ‘compensation culture’, a culture which according to his own department’s research does not exist. In reality it is yet another assault by the strong on the rights of the weak. The biggest beneficiaries of the change will be the National Health Service and government departments such as the Ministry of Defence. It will rob ordinary people of their rights and will do nothing to make our work places or hospitals safer. The McCann’s are right to speak up.