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'They are the Resurrection' - Divorce causes The Stone Roses to reunite, Marwa Hadi discusses

Despite divorce having significant consequences some of which are upsetting, the Independent describe that “divorce can be a creative force”.

It has recently been reported that The Stone Roses are reuniting as a result of Ian Brown having gone through a divorce. Ian Brown’s wealth would have amassed not solely as a result of being the front man for the Manchester band but also as result of his successful career as a solo artist with sell out tours and festival appearances.

His recent divorce from his wife, who is a Mexican model, has apparently taken its toll on Brown, who is as a result looking to maximum his future earnings, possibly in order to meet any maintenance liability he has towards his former wife and also to enable him to maximise his earnings with a view to acquiring assets, as his matrimonial assets would have been subject to a division between him and his former wife.

Ian Brown is not the only celebrity who has had to step up his workload following a divorce. John Cleese was required to part with £12 million as part of his divorce from his American wife in 2009. Shortly following this, he embarked on his stand up tour, which was rather aptly named “The Alimony Tour”.

The Stone Roses fans have already taken to social networking sites to express their delight at the band reuniting and it appears that for the fans at least this divorce has a happy ending.