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Divorce Solicitor Reviews Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher Divorce

The Daily Mail has recently reported that Demi Moore has been to see a lawyer about potentially divorcing the cheating Ashton Kutcher, the marriage lasting a mere 6 years.

If Ashton admits to having an affair with the 23 yr old with whom he has been linked with, then Demi should have no problem with divorcing him on the grounds of adultery without having to supply any evidence. Clearly the issues for Demi at this moment in time is knowing what the financial impact will be if she chooses to proceed with the divorce.

If there is no pre-nuptial agreement dictating what happens with the assets upon divorce then the case will be treated in a traditional fashion in accordance with family law legislation in America. Pre-nuptial agreements in America are legally binding unlike in this country whereby they are persuasive thanks to the recent leading case of Radmacher.

The article says that both celebs are equally worth about £97 million (nice!) and so it might be a simple straightforward outcome whereby both just keep their own assets and income and go their separate ways.

If I was in Demi’s shoes, I wouldn’t think twice about divorcing Ashton if in fact he has been having affairs with women who are twice younger than my age! I am pretty sure I would manage to start again on the road to independence if I was worth £97 million!

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