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Michelle Woolls addresses the impact of sports injuries to both amateurs and professionals alike

I act for a number of clients who have sustained injuries whilst taking part in a sport, be it on a professional basis or just for fun. When such injuries are sustained, it is important the person receives good medical treatment at the earliest opportunity. Should they receive sub-standard treatment, the effects can often be devastating, as for any victim of medical negligence.
I act for one client who was a keen amateur footballer, regularly playing for his local Sunday league team. He sustained an open fracture (i.e. one where the bone breaks through the skin) to his lower leg and this was not treated appropriately. As a result, he has suffered a delayed recovery and substantial loss of mobility which prevents him not only from working, but also from playing with his young daughter. It is also questionable whether he will ever be able to play football again. This is upsetting enough for someone who was a keen amateur footballer, but imagine the scenario if this happened to a professional.
This brings me onto one of my other clients who is a professional sportsman. He sustained a similar open fracture to his lower leg in the course of competing in his sport and did not receive appropriate treatment. His delayed recovery and loss of mobility has affected his whole career in a job he loved. It is questionable at this time whether he will ever be able to return to his sport on a professional level, something he understandably struggles to accept. I am hopeful that pursuing a medical negligence claim will help to provide these clients with some redress for the sub-standard treatment they received and the effect this has had on their lives.

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