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Call to End Changes in No Win No Fee from Dowler Family

The family of Milly Dowler have made the case that the government's reforms of conditional fee agreements would have prevented them from suing News International, see article in The Guardian.
Their strongly worded letter states “We had understood that you were on the side of the people, not the press. Please do not change the law so that the ability to sue the papers is lost.

"Although we may have received a sum that meant the cost of the insurance would have been affordable, most cases finish with settlements that do not cover the cost of insurance and so people will not bother," the letter said. It went on: "We are sure that you do not want to go down in history as the prime minister who took rights away from ordinary people so that large companies could print whatever they like and break the law without being able to challenge them."

It was cced to Nick Clegg. Let's see if Mr Clegg can develop a backbone to fight the legal reforms that will only serve to take legal rights away from ordinary people.

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