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Your Credit Card Knows If You Are Going To Get Divorced! Georgina Chase Discusses

It has been reported that what we buy and what we tweet tells firms so much about us, they can even predict our future!

Apparently credit card companies know with 98% accuracy two years before that you’re going to get divorced. It has been reported that credit card companies don’t want to predict divorce; they want to predict if you’re going to default on payments. The biggest influences on whether you default are said to be life-changing events like unemployment, illness or divorce.

Spending on extra lunches or staying in hotels more frequently are supposed to be signs to indicate an affair. Another indication is where a couple used to share the weekly food shop and now buy separately. Couples preparing for a split also are said to change their wardrobe or take on new financial responsibilities.

This is the new world of super-crunching in which large retailers, credit companies, governments and health providers store tens of billions of our financial transactions.

Data consultants are also analysing tweets and looking at what people say they do or what they say they like; watch what you tweet!

Companies feed on the super-crunchers’ data and sell to individuals accordingly. It has even been suggested that the credit industry could do troubled marriages a favour by linking with relate and offering a free guidance session when the signs of trouble in a marriage first pop up!