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Paul Sankey: more mumbo-jumbo from the NHS

After a hard day of wading through volumes of scrawled handwritten medical records there is nothing I enjoy more than relaxing by reading the meaningless verbiage of incomprehensive management-speak. Fortunately examples are in plentiful supply thanks to the administrators of our much loved NHS.
Whilst reading the rather surprising news that an NHS Trust in Northampton has only paid out an average of under £220,000 in damages and legal costs per year for 6 years (which either suggests little medical negligence in this Trust or some very good lawyers), I came across a little gem.

For this I must thank Dave Thomas, Associate (I wonder what that is?) of Northamptonshire Provider Services. Dave says, “It is acknowledged that some of the governance systems may not be as mature or developed as one might see in a stable foundation trust and that decisions have been made which have reflected the capacity and future existence of provider services as a standalone organisation. Nonetheless, risks have been managed effectively and the processes in place have enabled the provision of robust information.”
Thank you, Dave. I have no idea what you are talking about but at least it was not handwritten.

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