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Natalie Cassidy devastated that ex fiancé Adam Cottrill has stopped seeing their daughter, Eliza - By Georgina Chase

The former Eastenders star has admitted that her ex fiancé has made little effort to see their 10 month old child, Eliza.

During the actress’ first television appearance since Adam, 31, pleaded guilty to assaulting her in May 2011, she confirmed that Adam had been seeing their daughter through a mediator but that she hadn’t heard from him for a little while. Natalie is said to be upset that Adam hasn’t seen Eliza as it means a lot to her that Eliza has a mum and a dad in her life.

The pair, who enjoyed a whirlwind romance after meeting in 2009, were due to marry later this year. Natalie has revealed her sadness that they will not be raising Eliza as a family and said that she thought it was disgusting that Eliza isn’t one yet and her and Adam are not together.

Often in such situations, both parties need a cooling off period after their breakup before a secure routine of contact can be established.

Natalie seems open to encouraging Eliza’s right to a relationship with her father and hopefully he will be back in touch with them to maintain that relationship very soon.