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Linda Evangelista model mother price is $46,000 a month

The supermodel, Linda Evangelista has named her price for maintaining her looks whilst raising her 4 year old child.

Ms Evangelista has told Manhattan’s Family Court that she requires $46,000 per month (£28,000) in child support from her ex-husband Francais-Henri Pinault, the Chief Executive of Gucci Group.

The request is reported to have stunned the Magistrate whose jaw apparently dropped at Evangelista’s demands. If ordered, it would probably be the largest child support order in the history of the Family Court in America.

Pinault is now married to the actress, Salma Hayek, with whom he has a 3 year old girl called Valentina. It has been reported that Ms Evangelista’s lawyer detailed how Valentina lived in extraordinary luxury with her own $12 million estate in Los Angeles, whilst Augustin James, Pinault’s son with Ms Evangelista, was cut off without a penny.

Ms Evangelista explained that she needed a team of drivers and a 24 hour nanny if she were to continue her career. She told the Judge that when she works it can be a 16 hour day. When she does not work, she said she is working on her image, hits the gym and has beauty appointments. Pinault’s lawyer questioned her expenses which included $80,000 (£48,500) a year for a 24 hour nanny. He told the Judge that Ms Evangelista has a worth of more than $8 million and earned $1.8 million last year. The Magistrate is expected to give his verdict next month.

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