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Old Square Chambers and Headway give Tristan Hallam food for thought!

By Principal Lawyer, Occupiers and Public Liability

I was lucky enough to be able to attend a street party organised by Old Square Chambers which is a Barristers set in Bedford Row in Central London.

As far as I can recall this is the first time that a Barristers Chambers have held a street party and have gone to the trouble of organising with the local authority, that part at least of the street could be closed off. The street party had been organised just as one would expect a street party to be with food, games and general enjoyment to be had by all.

The party had however an important theme. It was arranged to collect money for a charity ‘Headway’, of which Old Square Chambers are the current baton holders.

When I first went into personal injury work there were very few charities that were linked in some way to injuries that people had sustained. Now there are a whole host of charities who do an amazingly worthwhile job and I would dread to think where many injured people would be if they did not have the assistance and support of large charities such as Headway, Spinal Injury Association (SIA) and Aspire to name but a few.

Well done to Old Square Chambers who not only raised money last week but have also held a number of events during the course of the last few months to raise yet further sums for Headway and I am sure there will be further events during the course of the remainder of this year.

Many charities are, even more so now, filling the gap which should strictly speaking be provided by government organisations where funding is no longer available. Yet, with the increased demand being made on charities, fundraising is becoming increasingly more competitive and industrious as more and more charities are forced to rely upon public donations 

However, speaking to a colleague and Partner at this Firm, Dominik Opalinski, who heads the Firm’s Charity Department, I learned from Dominik that there a number of less obvious ways for trustees of charities to increase their revenue streams with relative ease which can over time make a big difference and contribution to maximising the ultimate benefits for the objects of the charity in question.

These benefits range from achieving amongst other things, a substantial reduction in unnecessary administration costs, building greater trust, confidence and awareness with the public of the valuable role that the charity plays in society to cutting the costs of and maximising returns from their investments, without having to rely heavily on professional advisers.
Food for thought.

Tristan Hallam is a Principal Lawyer in Personal Injury in the London office of Slater and Gordon Lawyers.

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