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Civil partnership dissolutions rise by 44 per cent in 2010, Kirsten Grotte discusses

It has recently been noted in Family Law Week that the number of civil partnership (same sex) dissolutions have increased in 2010 as a probable direct correlation to the number of civil partnerships forming in recent years.

A civil partnership is the equivalent to a marriage and dissolution is the equivalent to a divorce but with same-sex couples and since December 2005 when the Civil Partnership Act came into force, same-sex couples have been able to form a legal partnership, which is now legally recognised in the UK.

In my experience, it has only been within the last year or two that I have dealt with more civil partnership dissolutions and same-sex relationship breakdowns where there have been additional issues with the finances and children matters.

My client’s have all been women.

There can be confusion for those who are suffering from a relationship breakdown as to what their rights are and whether they are any different to those in a heterosexual relationship.

It is therefore vital that legal advice is obtained at the earliest opportunity.