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Male unemployment increases chances of divorce

A recent study conducted in the US has revealed that unemployed husbands are both more likely to initiate divorce proceedings and also are more likely to be divorced by their wives.

This may be easily explained as increased financial pressures are known to contribute towards the breakdown of marriage. Further, redundancy and unemployment generally is incredibly stressful and can put a strain on a couple. 

However, interestingly enough, this appears to be gender specific. It is not the case that female unemployment increases the chances of divorce within a marriage, only male unemployment.

Men were also found to instigate divorce proceedings even if they were relatively happy in their marriage. This may indicate that as they are accustomed to being the breadwinners and feel that their traditional role in a marriage is to contribute financially and their “position” is marginalised and they therefore leave as a result.

Whether a similar pattern will emerge in the UK remains to be seen, however if this research also proves true in this country, with the current high unemployment rates, this could well affect divorce rates.