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Domestic Violence against Men in UK Increasing

BBC radio 5 recently reported that the number of convictions against women relating to Domestic Violence has more than doubled in the last 5 years. 

The BBC obtained figures from the Crown Prosecution Service which evidenced that almost 4,000 women were prosecuted last year, an increase of 169% from 2005.

I believe that rather than this being attributable to an increase in domestic violence, it is more likely that this be due to an increase in the number of reported cases by men to the Police and to Abuse Solicitors.

I have represented men and women relating to issues of domestic violence and believe that there should be no difference in the view taken as to the impact this has on the victim and the steps that should be taken to ensure prevention of future incidents.

Chief Constable Carmel Napier, the Association of Chief Police Officer’s lead on Domestic Abuse commented in the report that he agrees with this line of thought and believes that better responses from agencies and the Police have a large hand to play.

When discussing issue of domestic violence with male clients, it's clear that they often have had nowhere to turn to for the emotional, physical and legal support they need. They often feel ashamed to be in the position they are in, but that is not just common of male victims; it's simply one of the many lasting effects of the domestic violence.

There are agencies that can offer assistance such as Mankind Counselling. In the report they stressed that the counselling services available to men are decades behind those afforded to female victims; ‘there are just over 70 bed spaces available in 20 refuges or safe houses for males across the UK.’

If you feel that you are the victim of domestic abuse, seek the assistance of those who can help.

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