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Amy Bond: New Guidelines Specified for Ovarian Cancer

I am in agreement with the guidelines on ovarian cancer proposed by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) which makes recommendations on medicines and procedures in the NHS.

NHS advisers want to see greater use of a blood test that measures a key protein, to improve early diagnosis. The test, which measures a protein called CA125, costs around £20. NICE says that this test will be more cost effective because it will save women from having inappropriate investigations.

Almost 7,000 UK women a year are diagnosed with ovarian cancer, but only about a third are still alive 5 years on. This statistic can be improved with earlier diagnosis.

What are the symptoms of ovarian cancer? Key symptoms include bloating, lower abdominal pain, needing to urinate with increased frequency, difficulty eating and feeling full quickly.

Ovarian cancer is the fifth most common cancer in women in the UK. It usually affects women who have reached their menopause – about 85% of women diagnosed are over the age of 50, though it can occur in younger women.

Most women with ovarian cancer are treated with a combination of surgery and chemotherapy. However, more preventative steps are needed and more awareness should be given to this new test.

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