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Flood gates opened for 'divorce tourists' Kirsten Grotte explains

A recent case has emerged from the Court of Appeal, which has led to concerns amongst legal practitioners that this could lead to an influx of ‘Divorce Tourists’ seeking to take advantage of both the Courts in England and Wales and the law surrounding finances on a marital breakdown. Thus maintaining our status as living in the ‘Divorce Capital of the World’.

The case involves a Russian fashion student, Elena Golubovich (27 years), who was married to her ex-husband, Ilya Golubovich (26 years) an international financier, for only 18 months before separating. Both were from wealthy Russian families but were living in a £4million property in Kensington, West London. There was also one daughter of the marriage.

Further details of the case can be seen within an article printed recently by the Daily Telegraph

The wife issued the divorce in London first, however the husband later issued in Russia for the divorce and finances to be dealt with there, possibly because he had been advised that settlements are more favourable in this jurisdiction. However the husband had made the error of failing to apply for the proceedings in London to be delayed whilst his applications in Russia were being dealt with.

The husband managed to get the divorce granted in Russia, however the finances were determined in London. The wife was subsequently awarded a large sum of £2.85million plus her husband was ordered to pay the costs of her application. The husband failed to persuade the Court of Appeal to change the outcome, as he argued this on the basis that it was a very short marriage and with a large amount of the money being brought into the marriage by the husband’s parents. Consequently the original decision stood.  

International law is a highly complex area and legal advice from International Law specialists must be sought at a very early stage after a relationship breakdown. We at Russell Jones & Walker Solicitors are experienced in dealing with a multitude of cases that have an international element, whether it involves finances, divorce or children.