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Mother Who Hid Baby from Husband Loses Fight to Keep Her Secret

The Daily Telegraph reported on a case where a mother tried to keep her child a secret from his father and requested that the Court respect her wishes and allow the child to be adopted without the father’s knowledge.

The Court held that it could not condone such secrecy as the father had a right to know about the birth of his child, despite the mother’s protests that such knowledge would impact further on the father’s mental health; which was already in a fragile state. The couple are refugees from Afghanistan and the father had suffered from depression, anxiety and flashbacks of violence from his time living in Afghanistan.

It's also the case however that it's the child’s right to know who their birth parents are, even when adopted, and it is the child’s right to a relationship with both parents.

The mother’s case was weak from the outset and quite rightly the Court came to the conclusion that the father should be aware of his child’s existence.

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