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For richer for poorer, til presidency do us part? Marwa Hadi discusses

In the RJW family law team, we come across all sorts of reasons why people wish to issue divorce proceedings.

Their spouse's career or their own career often have a role to play in the breakdown of a marriage. Usually, it is due to the stresses and strains of a particular job, working away from the home or working particularly long hours.

Despite this, it is almost unheard of for a spouse to issue divorce proceedings simply to gain a particular job.

Sandra Torres, the wife of Guatemalan leader Alvaro Colom has done just that.

The First lady of Guatemala is filing for a divorce to enable her to seek presidency and succeed her soon to be former husband.

Admittedly, presidency is no ordinary job but still, does it justify an intentional breakdown of a marriage?

The constitution in Guatemala prevents close relatives of the president from standing for a successive presidency. Does an ex-spouse however still not constitute a close relative?

Whether divorce proceedings will enable the First Lady to run for presidency at the elections in September remains to be seen.

It will be interesting however to see whether if successful in her bid for presidency, the parties will remain a couple in secret or if unsuccessful, whether they will remarry.