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Clinical Negligence: More Problems for the Care Quality Commission

The latest issue of Private Eye again puts the CQC under the spot light.  Their inspection and registration process has come under criticism in recent months mainly by the very diligent work of Eileen Chubb of her charity, Compassion in Care.

Eileen has done sterling work in uncovering PR spin and misleading comments by the CQC about their auditing processes.  In recent weeks, Mrs Chubb has found that the CQC has registered but not rated a total of 763 care homes. Such homes have no inspection history according to the CQC website. 

One of these homes is Hampton Lodge in Southampton.  Eileen has recently revealed that this home was formerly known as St Basil’s and the CQC has wrongly claimed that this home had been shut down after claims of abuse and neglect.  

Eileen uncovered the fact that the home had simply re-registered under a new name.  In this way the "new home" was simply recorded as “not yet rated” and details about historic problems were simply scrubbed from the history books.Eileen now plans to publish data showing the previous history of these “phoenix” care homes.

The CQC should be leading the way in information sharing and not allowing unscrupulous care home owners simply to extinguish their poor care records by re-opening homes under what appears to be “new management”.

If it was not for Eileen Chubb none of this information would be in the public domain.

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