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How Being Difficult in Divorce Can Impact Your Finances

Many people who are getting divorced believe that if their husband or wife is difficult during the divorce process, that this will put an end to the divorce proceedings. This is simply not the case.

Whilst a difficult spouse can slow matters down, the divorce Court system is designed so that matters can be resolved without both parties co-operation if necessary.

In a recently concluded divorce case, the other party (the wife) was well aware of the divorce proceedings, and she was involved briefly initially; but later she completely withdrew from all the negotiations. This left us with no option other than to issue divorce proceedings in Court to bring matters to a close.

It is usual for both parties to be involved in divorce proceedings and to interact with the Court system. However, in this case the other party completely ignored both our correspondence and correspondence from the Court.

Thankfully the divorce system is designed in such a way that the matter has now been finalised with a Judge making a final order in the terms that our client (the husband) wanted; and the Court ordered the difficult (now ex) spouse to pay all the costs of the divorce proceedings.

This case proves that even when the other party digs their head in the sand the Courts will recognise efforts to resolve matters and make Court Orders accordingly.

Our client is now in a position whereby the financial matters associated with his divorce are resolved on the terms he wanted, and his ex-wife has to pay all of the legal fees that he incurred.

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