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One Third of NHS Workers Would Not Recommend Hospital Treatment

I was very saddened to read an article this morning on the mind set of NHS workers. A recent survey shows that one in three NHS workers would be unhappy to have their relative treated at the hospital where they work.

165,000 staff were questioned across 388 NHS Trusts between October and December 2010.  Only 64% of staff would be happy with a relative being treated by their health trust if they needed treatment.

What does this say about the state of our health care system? I was concerned to read that a third of employees had seen a 'near miss medical mistake' that I recently blogged about. This shows how frequently incidents occur that put patients' safety at risk.

Is it any surprise that NHS staff would not want their loved ones treated at their Trust?

As the survey indicates, the underlying cause is poor staffing levels which compromise their ability to provide high-quality care. This issue needs to be re-addressed and urgently to improve the standard of care at each and every hospital across the country.

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