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The Brain Science Research Drain

According to my newspaper funding cuts are having a disastrous impact on brain science in Britain – 30 neuroscience research groups are expected to fold.

Apparently 80 neuroscientists have called for plans to be reconsidered.This may not sound like an issue likely to bring demonstrators on the streets and it is difficult to imagine what 80 protesting neuroscientists would look like.

I doubt it will ever generate the same interest as cuts to our libraries or to our hospitals. But the subject is extremely important for more people than you might think.

Victims of brain haemorrhage, strokes and serious head injuries are those who stand to benefit from a better understanding of how the brain works, not to mention many children with cerebral palsy.These are some of our most seriously injured clients.

To see at first hand the impact of brain injuries not only on their lives but on the lives of their families can be harrowing and being able to help these people is a real privilege. To what extent our clients notice the impact remains to be seen.

David Nutt, Neuropharmacologist at Imperial College says the future is bleak for this field of research. I fear the same may be true for some of our clients

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