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The Importance of Rehabilitation Organisations

I have been acting for Brain Injury Survivors for many many years and recently a friend of mine suffered a brain injury which gave me an in depth personal insight into the substantial impact on family life caused by such a life changing event.

I was struck on a personal level by the impact on the close family members and friends, indeed I found myself having to give support by unravelling the complexities of medical and legal jargon and dealing with all manner of practical matters such as:

  • Who would look after the children during the acute recovery phase?
  • Who would keep the employers advised as to what was happening?
  • What financial support would be available?

As time passed by and the slow steps of recovery took hold, what support was there for those who were thrust into the role of carer, perhaps caring for a loved one whilst at the same time caring for any children and managing the finances?

Sadly it's often overlooked that "carers" need caring for too. I think it important that survivors and carers alike know of the very signifcant work undertaken by Headway, The Brain Injury Association in the UK. They are dedicated to supporting not just the needs of brain injury survivors but also the their families, particulary those who have now become carers. 

As a Lawyer I'm committed to helping brain injury survivors but as a person who has recently had cause to provide support on a personal level, I believe organsiations such as Headway play a crucial role in helping so many people rebuild their lives. It is important that not just brain injury survivors but also their carers know that such valuable support is available to them if needed.

Trevor Sterling is a Partner at Slater and Gordon Lawyers in London. Trevor deals with all areas of Personal Injury, and specialises in brain injury claims.

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