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Pre-nuptial agreement for Barbie and Ken? Marwa Hadi discusses

Barbie and Ken the iconic couple had a love story which has spanned over 50 years. To mark their 50 year romance, Ken was looking for them to rekindle their romance.

The couple split 48 hours before Valentines Day in 2004 after 43 years together and later divorced. The official line by Mattel, the couple’s manufacturer, was the couple had “grown apart but would remain friends”. Controversially, Barbie began dating Blaine, an Australian surfer, shortly after their split.

Ken appeared determined to win Barbie back after the couple rekindled their feelings while filming Toy Story 3 last year. He had also taken out advertisements in New York and Los Angeles, bought a spot in magazine Us Weekly and even appeared on entertainment show ETalk pledging his love. Despite this, Mattel had their concerns and were asking the public for their opinion.  

Mattel set up a website where the public voted on whether Barbie should take Ken back.  

The results of their previous divorce remained private however, it appeared they each retained their own assets and given Barbie was the wealthier party, she seems to have had a lucky escape.

With the results out and Barbie and Ken successfully reunited if they look to remarry, then Barbie needs to realise she may not be so lucky second time round and she should be advised to get a pre-nuptial agreement.
The couple have had varying levels of success but what is clear is that despite Barbie’s age and competition from Bratz dolls, her successful career appears to continue. Barbie is one successful woman having starred in over 19 films and having had 125 high profile careers including ice skater, astronaut and doctor. She also had a large portfolio of assets including properties, a hotel and a private jet. She allegedly has over 40 pets including horses and exotic animals and has an expensive collection of couture clothes. Andy Warhol even created a picture for her.  

Whilst Ken has also had careers as a businessman, pilot and Olympian, his worldwide fame has ultimately come from his high profile relationship with Barbie.

Following their split, Ken recently had a role in Toy Story 3 and has inspired a live action digital reality series called “Genuine Ken”. He has also appeared in New York Fashion week but despite this, his wealth is not comparative to Barbie’s and it may be that he has come to the realisation that he will never be a successful brand without Barbie’s backing. This is itself should be a warning sign for Barbie and with her large portfolio of assets and income accumulated over her career, a pre-nuptial agreement is essential. 


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