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Does the Oscar curse increase divorce rates?

It appears that the glamour and fame that comes from winning a best actress Oscar can increase your chances of relationship failure.

The University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management conducted research into the private lives of 751 movie stars nominated for Best Actor and Best Actress Oscars between 1936 and 2010.

The study showed a dramatic increase in the chances of a relationship breakdown in those that won the award rather than were simply nominated. Best Actress winners were on average married or in stable relationships with shared property or children 4.3 years, however, the nominees' relationships lasted more than twice as long at 9.5 years. Recent winners such as Kate Winslet, Reese Witherspoon, Hilary Swank, Sandra Bullock and Halle Berry certainly seem to support this fact all having split from their partners following the Oscar win.

Strangely the same is not true for the winners of the Best Actor award. These men all stayed married or in a long term relationship for an average of 12 years regardless of whether they won or were nominated.

Does this prove a “curse” as has been rumoured in Hollywood circles or an indication of the difficulties that successful women face. As the male actors are not affected in the same way it would be difficult to argue that fame led to the failure of relationships. The reports authors claim that "On the one hand, the increased risk of divorce [that] women experience may be ascribed to a husband's discomfort with his wife's fame and success. On the other hand, after a status increase, the wife may grow dissatisfied with her current marital arrangement either because she has outgrown the relationship or because she now has the confidence and opportunity to move away from a bad marriage."