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Death of Claudia Aderotimi: A Totally Avoidable Tragic Case

Many of you will have read about Claudia Aderotimi who flew to Philadelphia in the United states for silicone injections to increase the curve of her buttocks.

Many plastic surgeons have been speculating over exactly what went wrong.  An autopsy has yet to be carried out, but it is thought that the free liquid silicone entered her blood stream and blocked the blood vessels in her lung.

I wrote an article recently where I commented on the dangers of travelling to different areas to have cosmetic surgery. 

I offered advice to cosmetic surgery tourists.Correctly done the buttocks should be augmented with solid silicone.  This tragic case emphasises the need for patients to research their procedures.

Iona Millais is a clinical negligence solicitor, with a particular interest in cosmetic surgery claims.