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The Reality of Blue Valentine

This Friday sees the release of critically acclaimed Blue Valentine starring Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling. 

Blue Valentine has received rave reviews from critics and presents the story of a relationship from romance through to divorce.  Given that real relationships are often ignored in your average Hollywood film and a more “fluffy” image of everlasting romance is usually portrayed, it will no doubt be refreshing to watch a film which aims to portray the more gritty reality of relationships which sadly, often end in divorce as I so often see as a divorce lawyer in London.

This is probably not the best first date movie as throughout the film, we follow a marriage disintegrating.  Interestingly, neither spouse is effectively at fault and there are no major events such as infidelity which lead to the marriage breakdown. 

This is an all too common situation and as divorce solicitors, we often find that in many cases when advising clients who wish to issue divorce proceedings and asking the reason for the breakdown of their marriage, they simply state it was a case of them “drifting apart”.