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Successful Lisfranc Fracture Claim Against NHS

Claims relating to alleged failures to diagnose rare conditions are hard to win but I had a success this week in relation to a 5 months delay in diagnosing a Lisfranc fracture.

The name of this fracture originates in from Jaques Lisfranc, who  was a surgeon in Napoleon's Army who described an operation for an amputation through the mid foot joint. This type of injury classically occurred when a cavalry officer fell while riding, having trapped his foot in the stirrup. Lisfranc's injury or Lisfranc's fracture-dislocation is rare in sport but if left untreated can have very severe consequences. 

My client sustained a Lisfranc fracture whilst playing football but A & E doctors and a radiologist failed to recognise this unusual injury. The fracture was not diagnosed for 5 months leaving the patient in a much worse condition than before.

Happily, my client has made a reasonable recovery and is back at work although the prognosis with an early diagnosis is always much better than with a late one. In this particular case the NHS agreed that, although Lisfranc injuries are rare, the radiologist at the hopsital was negligent in his duty not to recognise the fracture.

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