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Georgina Chase discusses Marco Pierre White's marriage reconciliation

The Times has reported that Michelin-starred Celebrity Chef, Marco Pierre White and his wife, Mati have reconciled after spending a fantastic Christmas together!

This is despite continuing Divorce and Financial Proceedings which have been ongoing for more than three years, involving about 30 Court Hearings and legal costs incurred of between £2 and £3 million. A ten day Final Hearing in relation to how the Matrimonial Assets were to be distributed, had been booked in which Mr White was ready to represent himself.

It seems the amazing turnaround comes following speculation that the Divorce could have cost Mr White as much as £25 million by way of a lump sum to his Wife, with whom he had a relationship of 17 years. It is anticipated that the proceedings will be dismissed if not re-instated within a certain period of time.

The only outstanding litigation is Mr White’s action against his Wife’s previous Solicitors for damages, after his allegations that they wrongfully interfered with his property after his Wife intercepted his mail. Will the reconciliation last? We will have to wait and see!