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Dog Aid: Making a Real Difference

This heartwarming story caught my eye today -

As a Claimant clinical negligence lawyer a good deal of my time is spent trying to set up effective rehabilitation for severely injured patients. Families and injured patients are often very worried when asking for paid for help and worry if they can cope with a new person "intruding" in the household.

Mrs Sue Lines has no worries of that nature having found a very wonderful canine helper called Sandie. Ms Line, a retired NHS health trust manager, was paralysed 40 years ago after she was thrown from a car in a New Year's Eve road traffic accident. As Mrs Lines says 'The list of things she can do is endless. She does everything from bring me the post first thing in the morning, to fetching my phone if it starts to ring.'

Sandie has been trained to perform a number of household tasks and is even able to use the washing machine. She even sorts out the colours from the whites.

Sandie was provided by Dog AID (Assistance in Disability) who are clearly doing wonderful and effective work in this area.Dog Aid  -

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