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Divorce - its a waiting game! Georgina Chase explains

It has been reported that while Alex Reid continues to refuse to move out of the Matrimonial Home he shared with Katie Price in the UK, Katie has jetted off to a Swiss ski resort to promote her Equestrian range!

Despite all the press speculation, the couple cannot actually commence Divorce Proceedings yet as they have not been married for a year! There is a bar on parties issuing Divorce Proceedings within a year of the marriage. The pair wed in Las Vegas on 2nd February 2010 and there are therefore only a few days left to wait before a Divorce Petition can be lodged with the Court.

But who will Petition for Divorce against who? Will it be Katie who takes control (the likely scenario) or Alex? It is the Petitioner who does most of the work in Divorce Proceedings, applying for the two Decrees, the Decree Nisi and the Decree Absolute, with the Respondent only having to file one form at Court acknowledging the Divorce Petition.

If reports are anything to go by, Katie will ensure she is the one in charge of the process in order that she can push the Divorce through as quickly as possible and move on from the “mistake” that was her marriage to Alex.

It is anticipated that Katie’s Solicitors will have the Divorce Petition and supporting documentation signed and ready so as soon as the clock strikes for 2nd February 2011, they can be sent to the Court for issue!