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Professional advisers may get things wrong and you may have lost out as a result. If this loss was reasonably foreseeable and caused by their negligence or breach of contract you may be able to bring a claim. In these cases you can claim against the Lawyer, Solicitor or the person who drafted / wrote the Will.

Our team of Contentious Probate Solicitors includes Litigation Solicitors who are Registered Contentious Trust & Probate specialists.

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Negligence Drafting / Writing of a Will

Sometimes it is not possible to contest a Will and instead the reason that someone did not inherit is as a result of negligence by the lawyer that prepared the Will. If that has happened then you may need to bring a claim against the lawyer instead of disputing the Will.

This is a growing area of contentious probate and one that is often easier to pursue than disputing a Will as the lawyer that wrote the Will is most likely to be insured.

Negligence in Estate Planning / Administration

Inheritance Tax is charged to a relatively small number of estates but where it applies, it can be a significant expense to an estate. In some circumstances, the lawyer drafting the Will could have considered measures to reduce the tax liability. If no consideration was given to tax liability at all, then there may be grounds to claim against the lawyer for negligence.

If you find yourself in this situation, our expert team of Contentious Probate Solicitors can help. We can discuss your case with you and determine whether the lawyer that wrote the Will was negligent, and if so, explain the options to you.

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