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There are occasions when a Will has mistakes. This can be through another solicitor or instructions which have not been followed correctly. In these cases you should obtain specialist legal advice to help with resolving the problem with the Will. 

Our contentious probate solicitors can consider if a Will was mistakenly drafted. This could be through another solicitor’s failure to follow instructions correctly; apply the law correctly; or could be of a result of a clerical error.

Where mistakes have been made in a Will either as a result of a clerical error maybe by a lawyer; or by a failure of the lawyer to understand their client’s instructions; a Court may correct the Will so that it properly represents what was intended. This process is known as Rectification.

This option should always be considered before contesting a Will or bringing a professional negligence claim as it may provide a faster and more economical solution. Our clients' needs are at the core of all the work we do and therefore we would only take action which would resolve the problem in the best possible way. 

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