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If you have been discharged from hospital under the Mental Health Act, our Human Rights Solicitors can ensure you get the aftercare you need to rebuild your life.

Slater and Gordon Lawyers can help you obtain healthcare, community care or continuing healthcare and ensuring you are treated in accordance with human rights legislation.

If you need community care services following your discharge from hospital, you are entitled to a social care assessment to establish what kind of help, support and care services you may need to rejoin your community.

Section 117 of the Mental Health Act imposes a duty on health and social services to provide aftercare services to patients who have been detained under the Mental Health Act.

If your local health authority fails to properly assess your needs, Slater and Gordon Lawyers are here to help ensure you are provided with the right aftercare.

The Human Rights Act is there to protect your legal rights and freedoms. If you feel that your human rights have been compromised during your aftercare, call our Human Rights Solicitors on freephone 0800 916 9046 or contact us online.

Community Care

Community care, which is also known as social care or care in the community, is support provided by local authority social services, to people with disabilities and other special needs to enable them to lead a life as full and independent as possible in the community.

Community care can involve a number of services ranging from helping elderly people with day-to-day tasks, to providing a full package of specialist 24-hour care to vulnerable people with special needs.

Unfortunately, the provision and quality of community care can sometimes fall below acceptable standards. When people find themselves in dispute with their local authority about the level of care offered or the failure by their council to provide any care at all, we can help obtain the services that you, or the individual you care for - need.

Our Human Rights Solicitors can help you with:

  • Obtaining or challenging an assessment of your community care needs.
  • Increasing the provision of your community care services.
  • Equality and discrimination.
  • Financial disputes.
  • Human rights and public law arguments.
  • The link between community care and healthcare services.
  • Obtaining care and support services for children.
  • Residential nursing care and the closure of care homes and day centres.
  • Carers rights including the right to a carers assessment.
  • Entitlement to direct payments and personal budgets.
  • Home adaptations and the provision of specialist care equipment.

Health & Social Care

If your health and social care needs have been ignored or undervalued and you are not receiving the support services you require to live as independent a life as possible, our Human Rights Solicitors can help to ensure you receive all the necessary primary healthcare services you need, such as hospital treatment, rehabilitation, and access to a GP and public services.

We can also ensure you receive continuing health or nursing care services following your discharge from hospital, particularly if you are dealing with serious or life-changing injuries. 

If the NHS decide unfairly that you no longer require ongoing healthcare when you clearly do, we can help to argue your case and convince them otherwise.

Similarly, if you are having problems accessing care services provided by your local authority or Primary Care Trust, Slater and Gordon Lawyers can help assess your care requirements and ensure you receive all the appropriate care you need.

There any many funding options available depending on your particular case including No Win No Fee. Your Slater and Gordon Human Rights Lawyer will advise you of the options.

To speak with a Disability Rights or Human Rights Solicitor call Slater and Gordon UK for a free consultation on freephone 0800 916 9046 or contact us online and we will contact you.

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