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Our Jewish Divorce Solicitors are Experts in

Obtaining the Get

Our Jewish Divorce Solicitors have helped many Jewish clients obtain a Get and a divorce.

Jewish couples usually sign a Ketubah when they marry under the Chuppah, which is effectively a pre-marital contract. The Chuppah must be terminated by a Get before the marriage is recognised as having ended.

Without a Get you cannot remarry in an orthodox Synagogue and any subsequent marriage will not be valid under Jewish Law. Any children born out of such a marriage will be unable to marry in Synagogue as well.

Working with the Beth Din

Slater and Gordon’s Jewish Divorce Solicitors work closely with the Beth Din to obtain the granting of a Get from husband to wife.

We do understand how important it is to link the civil procedure to the Get process to ensure that you are able to remarry in a Synagogue. We can help you avoid situations where the granting of a Get, or refusal to accept the debt, is used as an unfair advantage to achieve certain terms in financial settlements or matters relating to children.

Jewish Divorce Financial Settlements

It is now possible to obtain a Get before a financial settlement in the civil proceedings and it is also possible to obtain a Get prior to the issue of civil procedure. Slater and Gordon Jewish Divorce Solicitors are experts in these matters and also on the procedures that must be followed with the Beth Din.

Jewish Divorce Laws

Jewish Divorce Laws can be complex and it's crucial to get expert legal advice as early as possible. Call us 24/7 to arrange an initial consultation by phone with a Jewish Divorce Solicitor, or to schedule an in-person visit to one of our nationwide offices.

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