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Collaborative Family Law is a non-confrontational approach to resolving issues arising out of family or relationship breakdown. The collaborative law process is based on open, honest collaborative communication. The clients and their Collaborative Lawyers work together in a series of meetings without the threat of Court Proceedings, to find a fair and mutually acceptable solution to the issues.

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People who want to take advantage of the Collaborative Law process can sign a Participation Agreement that means that both parties are committed to resolving the issues surrounding the breakdown of their relationship without going to the Court; but with assistance from Collaborative Lawyers.

This means that the parties usually meet together with their Lawyers in order to discuss constructively the issues that face them. Between them they set the rules and pace of proceedings and can engage with other professionals in therapeutic context as well as experts in finances, accountancy, children and family counsellors and life coaches. The hope is that by working together, innovative solutions can be found and a better more stable agreement or resolution can be achieved.

There will be a series of four way meetings between you and your respective Lawyers during which information will be exchanged and negotiations will be entered into. You will be encouraged to find creative and individual solutions tailored to your family’s circumstances. Once agreement has been reached, your Collaborative Lawyers will draw up a settlement agreement, which will usually be submitted to the Court for approval and made into an Order.

For more information read our online legal advice guide about Collaborative Law which you can download and print.

The Collaborative Law Process - How Long?

An agreement does tend to take as long as it takes, but usually they take between 3 - 4 months whereas a Contested Hearing can take anywhere between 9 months and 2 years.

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If you choose to engage in the collaborative process it's vital that your Lawyer is trained in Collaborative Law. We have highly trained Collaborative Lawyers throughout the UK.

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