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Our Employment Solicitors have conducted leading cases on collective redundancies, including the ground breaking litigation following the demise of Woolworths, which has reset the availability of rights for collective consultation. 

Being made redundant or put at risk of redundancy can be a highly stressful ordeal to go through, particularly if you are concerned that the redundancy process is not being conducted as it should be.

Redundancy Consultation Cases

In redundancy consultation cases involving 20 or more staff overall, whether or not they work in different branches, there are strict procedures for employers to follow. Proper collective consultation should involve meaningful engagement with elected employee representatives (or unions when recognised), to consider how to reduce the number of lay-offs, and improve the position of those who do lose their jobs, over a set period of time.

Stiff penalties apply if these rules are flouted, since the consequences for employees losing their livelihoods unnecessarily are so grave. These situations sometimes arise through big business decisions, such as closures, mergers or outsourcing, but even if it is not possible to save your job, it may be possible to improve the deal you receive.

Slater and Gordon Lawyers can guide you and your employee representatives through the redundancy process, and take matters up if the consultation requirements are not met.

Collective Redundancy & Redundancy Legal Advice

Our Employment Solicitors have prepared legal advice guides to help, see Redundancy & Collective Redundancies.

We offer expert legal advice for individual redundancy situations not only on legal challenges to the selection, but also on how to negotiate a better termination package.

We provide compromise / settlement agreements which are used to formalise severance packages in both individual redundancy cases and collective redundancy situations.

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