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The Data Protection Act 1998 regulates the way that personal information is used. Whether you are an employee or simply applying for a job, employers have a duty to process your personal data fairly and in accordance with The Data Protection Act.

Many people are not aware of the amount of personal information employers hold about their employees and staff. This may range from your address and bank details to details about your medical health, sexual orientation or racial origin.

Employers are subject to various restrictions when handling information about you, such as, the type of information they are allowed to request, the purpose they use the information for, and the amount of time the information remains on their records.

Knowing your legal rights under The Data Protection Act can help to avoid conflict at work while giving you peace of mind that sensitive information about you is being handled fairly and kept securely. It can also be helpful to know what information an employer can ask from you, such as whether you can be asked about your medical health, or previous criminal convictions.

The Data Protection Act also enables you to request the disclosure of any personal information about you which is held by an employer. This can often assist in finding out information about a particular issue relating to you at work, which may be particularly useful if you are going through a grievance or disciplinary procedure or if you have been dismissed.

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