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We have an excellent reputation for representing people who experience maternity and paternity discrimination at work. We have particular experience in discrimination cases involving redundancy during maternity leave, and refusal to agree flexible working requests on return to work, as well as health and safety issues during pregnancy.

Maternity Discrimination at Work

Pregnancy and childbirth should be a happy and joyful experience. Unfortunately it can often be made stressful by having problems in the workplace.

At Slater and Gordon Lawyers we often see women being sidelined as soon as they announce their pregnancy to their employer, or being selected unfairly for redundancy because of their pregnancy.

There are also Health and Safety issues regarding pregnant women in the workplace, and regulations to protect new and breastfeeding mothers returning to work. The return to work after maternity leave can be a particularly difficult time, and we regularly provide legal advice to women whose requests for flexible working have been turned down without proper explanation or reason.

Paternity Discrimination at Work

If you are experiencing paternity discrimination at work our Employment Law Solicitors can help you. We have assisted many new fathers and partners in a wide range of workplace paternity discrimination cases. Our initial approach is primarily a diplomatic one, since frequently paternity issues can be resolved informally through a Solicitor without the need for litigation. However, should the need arise our team of Solicitors have the experience and knowledge of more robust forms of dispute resolution to ensure the best outcome possible.

It's not uncommon for employers to be less accepting of requests for leave or flexible working from fathers or partners than from mothers.

New fathers (natural and adoptive) or the mother’s partner (male or female) have a legal entitlement to two weeks’ paternity leave paid at the statutory rate. There is also a right to unpaid parental leave of up to 18 weeks (in total) for each child up to their 5th birthday. 

Parents or adopters of a baby born or placed for adoption on or after 5 April 2015 may be eligible to take shared parental leave (SPL) and receive shared parental pay. This involves the mother or primary adopter returning to work and ending their leave so that their partner can share the remainder as SPL. Please see our factsheet on shared parental leave for more details. 

Maternity / Paternity Advice & Your Legal Rights

Our legal advice guides provide useful advice for any family wanting to know their maternity and paternity entitlements, as well as advice on flexible working requests and health and safety issues for pregnant women in the workplace: 

Workplace Health & Safety Issues for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy / Maternity Discrimination at Work: Your Legal Rights

Maternity Rights: Your Rights at Work when Having a Baby

Shared Parental Leave

Flexible Working.

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Health & Safety at Work for Pregnant Women

Slater and Gordon Lawyers can offer legal advice if you suspect that your employer is not making adequate provision to ensure your Health and Safety while you are pregnant at work. In many cases we can help you to negotiate a solution with your employer.

If you are pregnant and notify your employer in the correct way, your employer is obliged to make a risk assessment of your working conditions and if necessary implement measures to ensure that your working conditions are suitable and safe for an expectant mother.

Your employer must also take into account any medical advice you have received and make appropriate adjustments, for example by allowing more frequent rest breaks, implementing measures to avoid stress, or enabling a switch from night shifts to day duties.
If a serious risk cannot be removed, your employer must offer suitable alternative work or suspension on full pay.

For new mothers returning to work after maternity leave, including mothers who are breastfeeding, there is also Health and Safety protection, and guidance about facilities for women who want to express milk.

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