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Our Employment Law Solicitors are highly experienced in resolving flexible working issues and can help if you have a dispute with your employer about flexible working or other caring responsibilities. 

Flexible working includes a wide variety of approaches to structuring your work, through measures such as adapting your working hours, job sharing and home working. These measures are vital for many mothers and carers who have to juggle the conflicting commitments of work and care.

Write a Flexible Working Request Letter Online

Slater and Gordon Lawyers provide a Flexible Working Request Letter which you build online. Our Employment Solicitors have done the work for you, so all you have to do is enter your information by following the instructions. This is not a free service and some organisations will have a discount code which can be entered at checkout.

See: Write a Flexible Working Request Letter online.

The Process for Requesting Flexible Working

The process you need to go through to request flexible working is outlined in document below, please click on the image below.

Flexible Working Chart

Employees who meet certain criteria have a legal right to request flexible working arrangements from their employers. Although meeting these criteria does not automatically give you the legal right to work flexibly, your employer does have to consider your request for flexible working properly and give adequate reasons in the event of refusal. Also, in some circumstances, an unjustified refusal to allow your request may amount to indirect sex discrimination.

Sometimes problems can arise for people already working flexibly, perhaps because they receive less advantageous benefits than their colleagues, or if an employer decides the arrangement is no longer working.

Flexible working can raise a number of complicated legal issues. Each case needs to be assessed on a case by case basis and it's always sensible to seek legal advice if a flexible working request is refused, or if you are a flexible worker who is being treated badly by their employer.

Legal Advice Guide to Flexible Working

Our Employment Solicitors have produced a legal advice guide to help you understand Flexible Working which you can download and print.

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