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In addition to new mothers, who are entitled to 52 weeks of maternity leave, there are other circumstances under which you may have a right to take time off for family reasons.

Parents or adopters of a baby born or placed for adoption on or after 5 April 2015 may be eligible to take shared parental leave (SPL) and receive shared parental pay. This involves the mother or primary adopter returning to work and ending their leave so that their partner can share the remainder as SPL. Please see our factsheet on shared parental leave for more details.  

New fathers (natural and adoptive) or the mother's partner (male or female) have a legal entitlement to two weeks of paternity leave paid at the statutory rate. Although the legal rights of new mothers are now widely understood among employers, they are often less informed about the legal rights of fathers and partners.

You are also entitled to take time off work to deal with unexpected events or emergencies involving your dependants. This is potentially a complicated area. Not all employers have sufficient experience or appreciation of the wide range of events and circumstances that can occur in family life to appropriately grant staff time off in family emergencies.

If you have a dispute with your employer over time off for family emergencies, or you are unsure about the circumstances under which you may be entitled to take time off, it's recommended that you get expert legal advice.

In addition, all parents of a child under five or a disabled child under 18 are entitled to unpaid parental leave. Each parent is entitled to take 18 weeks parental leave in respect of each child; or 18 weeks for a disabled child who is entitled to disability living allowance.

Legal Advice Guides 

Our Employment Solicitors have prepared a legal advice guide to help you understand your right to take time off work for family matters. Please read Family Leave and Shared Parental Leave.

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