The importance of having up-to-date and effective contracts of employment and policy documentation in place cannot be overstated. Our specialist Business Employment Solicitors can help advise you on your business’ employment contracts and handbooks and can be contacted through freephone 0161 830 9642 or by completing our online form.

It is a legal requirement that employers must provide employees with a written statement of their terms and conditions of employment within two months of their employment commencing.

Taking this relatively straightforward step not only places employees on notice of their rights and obligations during the course of their employment but well drafted contracts also contain protections for an employer’s business and places employers in a much stronger position to require changes to be made to existing terms as well as defending any possible employment tribunal claims. Clear and easy to follow policy documentation also empowers managers to deal with day-to-day issues (such as absence management and performance issues) in a consistent and confident manner.

Drafting Employment Contracts and Handbooks

Our team of business employment solicitors have extensive experience of drafting bespoke employment contracts and handbooks to reflect employers’ terms and conditions and policies and practices. We produce documents that are written in plain English and which are tailored to set the right tone for employees at every level of the organisation.

We have the skills and experience to advise on and draft contractual and policy documentation for every possible scenario or aspect of employment, including salary packages, bonus and commission schemes, holidays and pay, sickness, notice, mobility clauses, confidential information and restrictive covenants.

Audit of Existing Contracts

We carry out audits of existing contracts of employment, policy documentation and handbooks to ensure that this documentation is fully compliant with any recent changes to UK employment law.

Updating Terms and Conditions and Policy Documentation

We also advise employers on how to consult with their workforce in order to successfully introduce new or updated terms and conditions and policy documentation with minimum disruption to the business.

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