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We have expert religious discrimination Solicitors who have a complete grasp of the detail of discrimination legislation and are committed to providing a high quality and responsive service in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Religious discrimination cases can be highly complex, so it's essential to get expert legal advice as soon as possible. Religious discrimination can also be closely related to race discrimination. Our dedicated team of Solicitors have extensive experience of advising and litigating religious discrimination cases, whether the belief discrimination relates to the recruitment process or in the workplace.

We work on every size of case and as a national law firm we have the experience and the resources to conduct your case wherever you are based.

It's an unfortunate reality of life that many people experience discrimination at work on grounds of their religion or beliefs. However, the law prohibits discrimination on grounds of religion or belief, both at work and outside (in the use of goods and services as a consumer).

The law in fact goes further, protecting people with non-religious beliefs, for example atheism or humanism, but also for people who hold philosophical beliefs, such as a belief in climate change, or pacifism or veganism, from discrimination because of their beliefs.

The law can even extend to political beliefs such as Marxism, communism or free-market capitalism, but not merely to membership of a political party. Scientific beliefs can also be covered, for example a belief in Darwinism, if this is the basis for discrimination suffered.

If you believe that you may have a Religion/Belief Discrimination Claim please fill in our online discrimination enquiry form by answering a few questions. One of our Solicitors will then review your circumstances, and contact you with their opinion on whether the case is worth pursuing. This service is free and 100% confidential.

You may be raising religious or belief discrimination issues through a formal grievance procedure, or the discrimination you are experiencing may include disciplinary proceedings brought against you.

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Free Religious Discrimination Case Review

                                  Free Religious Discrimination Case Review

If you think you may have a claim for religious discrimination, all you need to do is fill in our online discrimination enquiry form and respond to some straightforward questions. Our solicitors will then assess your prospects of succeeding in a claim, and contact you with their opinion. The service is free and 100% confidential.

Executive Reps Service

This innovative service allows those who are attending a grievance or disciplinary hearing to have access to advice from a trade union representative when you are not a member of a union. Our executive reps service provides valuable support during the hearing.

Legal Advice on Religious & Belief Discrimination

For more detailed information read our online legal advice guide about Religious Discrimination at Work which you can download and print.

Call our Religious Discrimination Solicitors on freephone 0161 830 9642 or contact us online.

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