Vice President of investment bank selected for redundancy

Kate Howitt represented a Vice President at one of the world’s largest investment banks when he was selected for redundancy despite no process being followed or warning given.

Our client held a senior position after working at the firm for over 15 years, had remuneration of seven figures and held lucrative share options. During our client's tenure he enjoyed a number of successes and his desk earned a significant amount of money for the bank. Our client also held extensive relationships across the market.

We advised our client on his legal position which included Unfair Dismissal and bonus issues which resulted in a claim being made at Tribunal. A high court claim was also considered.

As the bank was very resistant to discuss any settlement and adopted an aggressive litigation strategy, which resulted in limited documents being provided to our client, we had to conduct a high-level analysis of the case and identify areas where we could either add value for our client or put pressure on the bank to settle. After extensive work for our client’s benefit the bank agreed to pay for a mediation to settle the matter.

Despite our client's claims being limited in value to £72,300 in the Employment Tribunal, after an extensive and lengthy mediation process, we managed to secure our client a settlement package including a six figure cash compensation sum, payment of our client's share entitlements and payment of our client's legal fees in full.

Unfair Dismissal claim for a senior in-house lawyer

A senior in-house lawyer for a large beauty brand following his dismissal without warning, or notice, just one week prior to him completing one year of service and therefore obtaining unfair dismissal rights (although the law has now changed in this regard to two years) after he raised protected disclosures.

Our client blew the whistle a number of times at work when he raised health and safety concerns. Our client suffered from work-related stress and was off work for a period of time. Despite this our client agreed to attend an informal meeting to resolve the matter during which he was instead greeted with a letter confirming the termination of his employment.

After seeking swift legal advice from Slater and Gordon, our client served a claim in the Employment Tribunal. Kate represented our client throughout the process. Because our client was fortunate to secure a comparable position within a short period of time we had to change our strategy in order to achieve settlement quickly. After a tough negotiation our client was pleased to accept a settlement package reflecting twice his actual losses.

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