Elder Abuse Claims

Elder abuse is becoming a growing concern within the UK. Research done by the charity, Action on Elder Abuse found that over 300,000 people over the age of 65 will suffer abuse of some sort.

Abuse can be anything from emotional or physical abuse to financial abuse. Like many forms of abuse, elderly abuse can often go unnoticed with those being abused feeling too ashamed or scared to speak out. Often, when victims do speak out they aren’t taken seriously.

At Slater and Gordon we understand the difficulties that are faced when fighting abuse. We work closely with our clients and their families to uncover the cause of abuse and achieve the justice they deserve.

Making a stand against elder abuse

Our dedicated team of lawyers are highly trained to deal with all types of elderly abuse claims. This includes abuse that has occurred in a nursing home, hospital, day centre or even in the victim’s home. No matter the circumstances, our dedicated lawyers will work tirelessly to offer clear, informative advice and claim the compensation deserved.

Working with you

At Slater and Gordon our priority is to ensure you are not left in the dark at any point. We will work with you to claim the compensation deserved and uncover the source of distress felt by you or a member of your family.

If you recognise any signs of elder abuse being directed at yourself or a loved one, contact our specialist team for free advice on making a compensation claim.

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