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Our Road Traffic Offence Solicitors deal with all types of road traffic offences and specialise in appeals for driving and traffic offence convictions.

We are regularly asked to take over cases after defendants have been represented by another lawyer or law firm, and been convicted for the offence. We are asked to appeal their Driving Offences in the hope of getting a better result.

In cases heard at the Magistrates' Court, following a finding of guilt and subsequent sentencing, there is an automatic right of appeal to the Crown Court. You don't need to have grounds for appeal or have to ask the permission of any Judge or authority. The case can be re-heard at the Crown Court as if the previous case had not taken place.

Furthermore, if the appellant has been disqualified at the lower Court, it's possible to apply for that disqualification to be suspended pending the outcome of the appeal hearing.

If a guilty plea was entered at the lower Court, it's not then possible to appeal the conviction, it is however, possible to appeal the sentence imposed.

We have many years of experience in successfully dealing with traffic offence appeals to the Crown Court, and will be happy to advise you on your chances of success.

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Driving Offences - New Drivers

Any driver that accumulates six penalty points within the first two years of passing their driving test, will automatically have their driving licence revoked and have to re-sit all parts of the driving test in order to get their licence back.

Whilst this is not a formal 'disqualification', the process applying for a new provisional licence is a lengthy one that can take three to six months, and so it has the same effect as a disqualification.

The only way to avoid disqualification is to either win the case, or seek an alternative sentence from the Court in mitigation. We have managed to successfully achieve this on many occasions, keeping our clients on the road. If you are at risk of having your driving licence revoked, contact us now for a free initial consultation.

Traffic Light Offences

Any driver convicted of contravening a traffic signal (e.g. red lights/one way roads) will automatically be given an endorsement of three penalty points on their licence.

In certain circumstances traffic light offences can be very defendable. The prosecution evidence can come from a fixed camera attached to the traffic lights, or from a police or civilian witness that reports the behaviour. This evidence can often be proved unreliable resulting in an acquittal for the defendant.

Even if you are convicted it is sometimes possible to prevent the penalty point endorsement, depending on the circumstances of the traffic light offence.

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